About Us

Radyan Corporation is a U.S. based company, having its own business involvements in Bangladesh, Vietnam & China. With 05 years experience in fashion, fabric & manufacturing Garments. We guarantee the highest quality standards and timely delivery for all customers’ needs. With our strengths, we do provide many advantages over competitors in the Textile Manufacturing Industry. We do work on stock-lots, fresh orders, textiles, yarn, printings and garment accessories domains!


The mission of Radyan Corporation is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit in the field of garments & textile industry.

Our Values

– To continue to establish and strengthen long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, business associates and suppliers.

– To ensure we identify and expand our investment portfolio in order to continue the on-going sustainable growth and success of the companies within the group.

– To maximise our economic potential across all the streams of involvement, through the expertise of the Company’s management and personnel structures.

– In order to enhance our position as Garment Manufacturer Industry leaders, we are primarily focused on continuing to deliver the finest and wide range of services on a global basis.

– While ensuring to remain economically competitive, we constantly search opportunistic investments to provide our customers with a bespoke service and access to an ever increasing product range, that in turn will maximise returns.

Some of our major services and activities are:

We’re manufacturing gents, ladies & children dresses and readymade garments. We do also the supplier of garments stock-lots. We’ll ensure all products are packed and shipped in compliance with all of your instructions. We do ensure your products arrive at their destination in personalized packing and on time. We can take care of all your shipping needs, whether it is on FOB or door to door (CIF) – you are in good hands! Please review our buyer manual.